Windsor & Eton Bowling Club
                              2009/2010 Working Party 


At the end of the 2009 season, a small working party of six began work around the club. 
They met every Tuesday morning throughout the winter and into the 2010 season. 
They have committed to continue on an ongoing basis.

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                                            Tea Break for the Workers!                                                               
         Tim Marshall, Ron Lemon, Rob Gordon, David Freeland and Tom Baldwin                      Sue Freeland keeps the guys "watered"  

                                                                           Jobs undertaken include : 
* painting the exterior of the club house                         * replacing the "modesty" boards on the verandah
* extending the glass all the way along the verandah       * erecting a new shelve along the verandah
                  * repairing the concrete bases for the benches               * painting the benches
* replacing the roof over the verandah and bar area       * painting the gates at the entrance
* reorganising the storage room and shed                      * erecting a new gate/fence at the side of the club house
* new window installed in the guest changing room        * tending the garden
* clearing the bamboo from car park area                     * removing rubbish from the rear of the club house

                                                                     Here are the guys at work....and play



                                                                                 ROOF REPAIRS





                                                                                        NEW FENCE