New Kitchen


The club is pleased to announce that the kitchen in the clubhouse has been completely refitted.

The old kitchen was beginning to show its age:

Old Kitchen

A lot of work, involving many people, went into making the project a success resulting in the
 gleaming new kitchen shown below.


Before the project could progress, finance was the biggest consideration. Pauline Hayward addressed the 
matter of seeking out sponsorship/funding . As result of her efforts, the club received a very generous cash
donation from
Shanly Foundation for which the club is most grateful and offers its gratitude. 

There was also the matter of getting quotations, not only for  the supply of the kitchen units, but also for their fitting.
Joyce Heathman took this activity on board to secure the services of local professional fitters.

Once the above had been decided upon, the physical work got underway with many club members involved in
 the physical stages of the project.

First step was to empty all the units by removing all the crockery. cutlery and food. 
The ladies,
Pauline Hayward, Joyce Heathman, Ann Baldwin and Lin Mockett, undertook this task.

Joyce and Ann have a tea break                                          The main clubhouse becomes a gigantic pantry  

 Having cleared the cupboards, Martyn Hayward, Richard Heathman and Tom Baldwin were then able to rip out the
old units which they removed from site with the help of
Ralph Cooke.

End of the old kitchen
                                            The old units removed                            The new units in the committee room awaiting installation

  The electrical work, the painting and the arduous task of removing the old wall tiles was tackled by the "Working Party"

The working party at work.....too many cooks?!

The professional fitters took over in December 2013 to produce our lovely gleaming new kitchen................

Note : The units are all white. This photo shows units before the blue protective film is removed.

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