Windsor & Eton Bowling Club 
                                  Access to the Club/Parking  

                                  Windsor and Eton Bowling Club is located off Barry Avenue in Central Windsor.  
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                                  IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE CLUB HAS ITS OWN CAR PARK                 
                                           WHICH IS FREE  TO CLUB  MEMBERS AND VISITORS.


                1. ACCESS TO THE CLUB

                Entrance to the club is from within the public River Street Car Park. This car park is run by the  Royal
                Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and is accessed from Barry Avenue.
                As of 28th February 2017, River Street Car Park, which is fee-paying, now has barriers installed. Set out
                below is the process to be followed by club members and visitors to gain access to the club's own free car
                park and also how to avoid payment when leaving the River Street Car Park.
         To gain entry to the club, it is necessary to first enter the public River Street Car Park. The entrance is from
                Barry Avenue alongside Brown's Restaurant by the River Thames. 

Entrance to River Street Car Park by Brown's restaurant.

                   CLUB VISITORS   : Visitors must take a token by pressing the green button then through the
                   CLUB MEMBERS : Members must place their allocated parking card on the airwaves symbol which is
                                                       half way down on the right hand side of the machine . Even if the barrier happens
                                                       to be up,
never pass through without placing the card on the reader.
                    The entrance to the club itself is via gates which are
immediately on the right hand side after passing
                    through the barrier

The barrier and the gates just beyond on right hand side

                    Drive through the club gates -

                    Once inside the club grounds there is ample car parking space.

                    3.  LEAVING THE CLUB

                    On leaving the club it is necessary to exit by turning right out of the club gates and through the public
                    fee-paying car park to the exit point. Arrangements (explained below) are in place to ensure that no
                    payment is necessary for club members and visitors at the exit point.


                    CLUB VISITORS
                    On entry, visitors will have taken a token from the machine.
As explained, exit from the club is through the
                    public car park. 

                    Before leaving the clubhouse, the token will be validated to ensure that no payment is required on exiting
                    the public car park.

                    CLUB MEMBERS
                    All club members should have a personal card. On exiting,
the card should be placed on the airwaves
                    symbol on the machine.