Windsor and Eton Bowling Club

Nominations for the Election of Officers

2021 Season



Below are the nominations for election.

Updated 3rd May 2021


The nomination process for Officers has had to be adapted due to the present circumstances.

Current executive committee members shall be eligible to stand for re-election without nomination.


All full members are eligible for nomination to any post, but must be proposed and seconded.

New nominations should be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM.

If any posts are contested, there will be vote to decide who holds the post for the season.



AGM Latest as of 6th March

The Covid situation continues to prevent the staging of an AGM. The possibility of holding a 'Virtual'/online presentation has been considered, but deemed impracticable.

Therefore, it has been decided that the best way forward at this stage would be for the current committee to continue in post until it is possible to hold an EGM, probably in or around June/July.

Due notice will be given.



* = no candidate to date

[C] = current post holder

[N] = new nomination





Proposed by

Seconded by

President (three year term)

Richard Heathman [C]




Pauline Hayward [C]



Hon. Secretary

Pam Andrew [C]



Hon. Treasurer

Chris Heitzmann [C]



Hon. Bar Secretary

Ralph Cooke [C]



Club Captain




Club Vice-Captain




Hon. Mens Fixtures Secretary

Brian Binstead [C]



Hon. Competition Secretary

Brian Mellor [C]



Kennet League Rep

John Giles [N]

Martyn Hayward

Colin Berwick

KLV League Rep

Chris Heitzmann [C]



Ladies’ Captain (shared)

Angela Webb and Joyce Heathman [C]



Ladies’ Vice-Captain




Ladies Competition Secretary




Hon. Ladies Secretary

Pam Andrew [C]



Hon. Ladies’ Fixtures Secretary

Yvonne Hurley [C]



Ladies’ County Rep

Pam Andrew [C]



Hon. Social Secretary




Hon. Catering Secretary

Joyce Heathman [C]



Hon. Green Ranger

Martyn Hayward [C]



Webmaster/Press Officer




Bar Committee (3)

Andrew Smith [C]





Social Committee (3)

Vivienne Smith [C]

Sue Ireland [C]

Angela Webb [C]



Examiners (2)

Yvonne Hurley [C]

Charlie Andrew [C]