Windsor and Eton Bowling Club

"Back Office"



Below is a list of sensitive documents, such as Club Rules, Committee and AGM minutes, for members to access. They are saved in pdf format. To view or download any document, click on the name/date. In most cases, you will be asked for a password, without which the document cannot be seen. This is to restrict viewing to members only. The password can be obtained from the Club Secretary.


Meeting minutes are added only after they have been approved as being a true record of the meeting.


Club Rules and Bylaws      
Club Privacy Notice (no password required)      
2020 Committee Meeting Minutes        
January 2020        
2019 Committee Meeting Minutes   2020 AGM Documents  
February 2019     2020 AGM Agenda  
March 2019     2019 AGM Minutes  
April 2019     Balance Sheet for 2019
May 2019     Bar, Shirt and Tour Accounts 2019
July 2019   Income Expenditure 2019  
September 2019     Proposed changes to Club Rules
October 2019        
November 2019          
December 2019          



Updated 5th March 2020