Windsor and Eton Bowling Club

"Back Office"



The Committee asked me to create a password locked, "Member Only" page where sensitive documents, such as Committee and AGM minutes, could be stored and made readily available for members to read. Given the limitations of my brain and the software I use, it was easier create an 'open' page, in which the individual documents are password locked.


Below you will see a list (which will increase over time) of such documents, saved in pdf format. To view or download any document, click on the date. You will be asked for the password (use CAPITALS), without which the document cannot be seen. This is an attempt to limit viewing to members only.


This is still under test and I cannot guarantee that it will work on all browsers or devices. If you have any difficulties, please let me know.

Colin B, Webmaster


2019 Committee Meeting Minutes        
6th February 2019          
13th March 2019          
11th April 2019          
26th May 2019          
21st July 2019