Windsor & Eton Bowling Club

                2018 Fixtures/Results 


                                                Wednesdays 6pm :  Club Night (All Play) 

             DRESS : C/W = Club Top + White Skirt/Trousers      C/G = Club Top + Grey Trousers   
                                                    CLUB MATCHES : W/W = All White








Won / Lost




Sat, 14th Club Opens
Spring Cleaning Day 

Sun, 15th

Club Game H   6R    2.30  W/W


Sat, 21st

Old Basing

H   6T   2.30 C/W


Sun, 22nd Wokingham H   5R   2.30 C/W


Thu, 26th Iver Heath H     3T 2.00 C/W


Sat, 28th Hurst A   6T   3.00 C/W

(12 ends only)

Sat, 28th RCBBA v Hertfordshire H Non  Club  Game 2.00  


Sun, 29th Tongham H   6 R   2.30 C/W


Thu, 3rd Sunningdale A v KLV A A 3T       1.45 C/G

 8-2 pts

Fri, 4th KLV B v KLV C H 3T      1.45 C/G

 B: 59-29
 9-1 pts

Sat, 5th Chertsey A   5R   2.30 C/W 128-73
Sun, 6th Bannerette Game H 6R     2.30 C/W 121-104
BH Mon,7th Open Day H       10.00      
Tue, 8th Caversham A (KL) A 4R     6.00 C/G 76-73
10-4 pts
Tue, 8th Wokingham H     3T 2.00 C/W 50-45
Wed, 9th Wraysbury v KLV B A 3T     1.45 C/G 54-52
6-4 pts
Thu, 10th KLV C v WGP H 3T     1.45 C/G 41-38
6-4 pts
Fri, 11th KLV A v M'head Thicket A H  3T     1.45 C/G 63-57
8-2 pts
Sat, 12th Cambridge Park H   5R   2.30 C/W 69-56
Sun, 13th  Staines H   6T   2.30 C/W 124-94
Tue, 15th Maiden Erlegh (KL) A 4R      6.00 C/G 78-73
9-5 pts
Tue, 15th  Maidenhead Town (RS) A     3T 2.00 C/W 54-46
7-3 pts
Wed, 16th  KLV A v R. Household  H 3T   1.45 C/G 60-41
8-2 pts
Thu, 17th KLV C v Wraysbury H 3T Venue  Switched  11.00 C/G 60-43
8-2 pts
Thu, 17th Twyford H     3T 2.00 C/W 45-42
Fri, 18th WGP v KLV B A  3T     1.45 C/G 59-38
8-2 pts
Sat, 19th Royal Event   Green Closed        
Sun, 20th Twyford H     6T   2.30 C/W  Cancelled
Tue, 22nd Desborough B (KL) H 4R      6.00  C/G 82-57
12-2 pts
Thu, 24th KLV B v 
        M'head Thicket B
H 3T     1.45 C/G 65-25.75
10-0 pts
Fri, 25th  M'head Town C v KLV C A 3T       1.45 C/G 57-51
8-2 pts
Fri, 25th  KLV A v M'head Town B H 3T     1.45 C/G 57-52
8-2 pts
Sat, 26th  Maidenhead Town A    5R    2.00 C/W 97-90
Sun, 27th  Manorhouse BC H    6R    2.30 C/W 139-101
BH Mon, 28th                    
Tue, 29th   Sunningdale H       3T 2.00 C/W Cancelled 
Tue, 29th   Sunningdale (KL) A 4R        6.00 C/G 90-72
11-3 pts
Thu, 31st   KLV C v M'head Thicket B H 3T        11.00 C/G 51-50
8-2 pts
Fri, 1st  Sunningdale B v KLV B A 3T     1.45 C/G 48-48
5-5 pts
Fri, 1st  Desborough B v KLV A A  3T       1.45 C/G 56-39
8-2 pts
Sat, 2nd Free Date                 
Sun, 3rd  Boscombe Cliff BC H   6R     2.30 C/W 99-93
Tue, 5th  Desborough (RS)  H     3T 2.00 C/W 49-47
6-4 pts
Tue, 5th  Thtee Mile Cross (KL) A 4R       6.15 C/G 91-75 
12-2 pts
Wed, 6th  M'head Town C v KLV B A 3T     1.45 C/G 60-32 
10-0 pts
Fri, 8th

KLV C v Desborough C

H 3T     1.45 C/G 46-39 
7-3 pts
Fri, 8th Desborough A v KLV A A 3T      1.45 C/G 60-33
10-0 pts
Sat, 9th Maiden Erlegh H   6T   2.30 C/W 117-90
Sun, 10th Free Date              
Mon, 11th KLV B v Desborough C H 3T      1.45 C/G 60-48 
6-4 pts
Tue, 12th Maidenhead Thicket (RS) H      3T 2.00 C/W 62-42
10-0 pts
Tue, 12th Royal Household (KL) H 4R        6.15 C/G 117-59
14-0 pts
Wed , 13th Home Counties BA v RCBBA H  Non Club Game 2.00    
Thu, 14th Staines H     3T 2.00 C/W Cancelled
Fri, 15th Sunningdale B v KLV C  A 3T      1.45 C/G 59-42
8-2 pts
Fri, 15th KLV A v M'Head Town A H 3T     1.45 C/G 47-40
8-2 pts
Sat, 16th Suttons H   5R   2.30 C/W 112-102
Sun, 17th Windsor Great Park H   6R   2.30 C/G 116-109
Tue, 19th Great Hollands (KL) A 4R     6.15 C/G 77-76
10-4 pts
Tue, 19th Woodley H      3T 2.00 C/W  59-29
Thu, 21st  Iver Heath A     3T 2.00 C/W Cancelled
Thu, 21st  KLV C v KLV B H 3T     1.45 C/G B: 64-41
 10-0 pts
Fri, 22nd KLV A v Sunningdale A H 3T     1.45 C/G 64-39
8-2 pts
Sat, 23rd Iver Heath A   6R    2.30 C/W 114-74
Sun, 24th Burnham H   5R    2.30 C/W Cancelled
Tue, 26th Caversham A (KL) H 4R     6.15 C/G 91-60
14-0 pts
Wed, 27th Gerrards Cross A     3T  2.30 C/W Cancelled
Thu, 28th KLV B v Wraysbury  3T     1.45 C/G 53-36
 10-0 pts
Fri, 29th M'head Thicket A v KLV A A 3T     1.45 C/G 54-39
8-2 pts
Fri, 29th WGP v KLV C A 3T     1.45 C/G 55-40
9-1 pts
Sat, 30th Chalfont St Giles H   6R   2.30 C/W 81-80
Sun, 1st  Camberley A   6R    2.30 C/W 78-76
Tue, 3rd Maiden Erlegh (KL) H 4R      6.15 C/G 88-80
11-3 pts
Tue, 3rd  Royal Household (RS) A     3T 2.30 C/W 40-29
8-2 pts
Thu, 5th KLV B v WGP H 3T     1.45 C/G 49-46
8-2 pts
Fri, 6th  Wraysbury v KLV C H 3T Venue  Switched 1.45 C/G Now 24th July
Fri, 6th  R. Household v KLV A A 3T      1.45  C/G 67-42
10-0 pts
Sat, 7th Wooton Bassett H   6R   2.30 C/W 105-75
Sun, 8th Sunningdale A   5R   2.30 C/W 77-49
Tue, 10th Desborough B (KL) A 4R     6.15 C/G 97-66
12-2 pts
Tue, 10th Maidenhead Town (RS)  H     3T 2.00 C/W 54-44
8-2 pts
Thu, 12th Cippenham H      3T 2.00 C/G 44-29
Thu, 12th M'head Thicket B v KLV B A 3T     1.45 C/G 58-34
10-0 pts
Fri, 13th KLV C v M'head Town C H 3T     1.45 C/G 61-43
8-2 pts
Fri, 13th  M'head Town B v KLV A A 3T      1.45 C/G  74-35
10-0 pts
Sat, 14th  Ladygate A   6R   2.30 C/W 92-80
Sun, 15th Wellingborough H   6R   2.30 C/W 86-78
Tue, 17th Sunningdale (KL) H 4R     6.15 C/G 122-47
14-0 pts
Thu, 19th Windsor Great Park (RS) A     3T 2.30 C/W 41-39
8-2 pts
Thu, 19th KLV B v Sunningdale B H 3T     1.45 C/G 74-45
10-0 pts
Fri, 20th M'head Thicket B v KLV C A 3T     1.45 C/G 55-49
6-4 pts
Fri, 20th KLV A v Desborough B H 3T      1.45 C/G

8-2 pts

Sat, 21st Bracknell A   6T   2.30 C/W 105-75
Sun, 22nd Lewes A   6R   2.30 C/W 101-85
Mon, 23rd Desborough C v KLV C A 3T     1.45 C/G 67-35
8-2 pts
Tue, 24th Three Mile Cross (KL) H 4R     6.15 C/G 84-67
12-2 pts
Tue, 24th Royal Household (RS) H      3T 2.00 C/W Postponed
Thu, 26th KLV B v M'head Town C H 3T     1.45 C/G 72-37
8-2 pts
Fri, 27th KLV A v Desborough A H 3T     1.45 C/G 104-69
12-2 pts
Sat, 28th Wexham H   6R   2.30 C/W  114-78
Sun, 29th Cippenham H   6T   2.30 C/W Cancelled
Tue, 31st Royal Household (KL) A 4R      6.15 C/G 104-69
12-2 pts
Tue, 31st Desborough (RS) A     3T 2.00 C/W 60-30
10-0 pts
Thu, 2nd Maidenhead Thicket (RS) A     3T 2.00 C/W

8-2 pts

Thu, 2nd KLV C v Sunningdale B H 3T     1.45 C/G 70-45
8-2 pts
Fri, 3rd Desborough C v KLV B A 3T     1.45 C/G 49-49
6-4 pts
Fri, 3rd M'head Town A v KLV A A 3T     1.45 C/G Conceded
Sat, 4th High Wycombe  A   6R   2.00 C/W


Sun, 5th West End, Woking H   6R   2.30 C/W 86-77
Tue, 7th Bracknell A      3T 2.00 C/W


Sat, 11th  Sunningdale H   6T   2.30 C/W 115-97
Sun, 12th No Game              
Mon, 13th                    Club Bilton BC           106-99
Tue, 14th                   Tour Lillington          


Wed, 15th                       to The Grange           120-90
Thu, 16th                 Coventry Stoke           122-102
Fri, 17th               13-17 August Stratford-
on- Avon
Sat, 18th

Kennet League Div2 Final

Sun, 19th

Stoke Poges

H   5R   2.30 C/W  
Tue, 21st Windsor Great Park (RS)  H     3T 2.00 C/W  
Sat, 25th Desborough   6R   2.30 C/W  
Sun, 26th Richings Park A   6T   2.30 C/W  
Mon, 27th (BH) Hathaway Cup H       9.30 W/W  
Fri, 31st Bath Match at Bath  Date and Team   Mix TBC      
Sat, 1st Barnstone H   6R   2.00 C/W  
Sun, 2nd Gerrards Cross A   6T   2.30 C/W  
Thu, 6th Slough H 4T     2.30 C/G  
Thu, 6th Wokingham A     3T 2.30 C/W  
Sat, 8th Club Finals Day H       10.00 W/W  
Sun, 9th  Club Game H   6R   2.30 W/W  
Thu, 13th Slough A 4T     2.30 C/G  
Sat, 15th Marlow H   6T   2.30 C/W  
Sun, 16th Captain v President H   6R   2.30 W/W  

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