Windsor & Eton Bowling Club
                         2015 Kennet League Successes



The 2015 season has been extremely successful for Windsor and Eton in the Kennet League competitions. 

Having won the Kennet League Division 2 East, the W&E Kennet League team went on to win the final
to be crowned overall
CHAMPIONS of Kennet League Division 2.

In addition the club won KLX Divison 1 East (KLX 'A')

and  had a team promoted from
KLX Division 3 East (KLX 'B').

Full details for each of the campaigns are shown below.



           To win the overall Kennet League Division 2 Championship, the team had first to win the Division 2 East then 
              win the play off final against the winners of Division 2 West. 

Winning the Kennet League Division 2 East
Under the captaincy of Martyn Hayward, the club finished top of the Kennet League Division 2 East.

              To win the division, the team went into the last match of the season at Wokingham 'B' in top spot, some nine 
              points ahead of second place Three Mile Cross. At least six points were required from the Wokingham match 
              to be sure of winning the league. In the end W&E won by 104-57 taking all fourteen points in the process to
              finish top of the league. As a result they progressed to the final for the overall Division 2 Championship  
              (see below).

              Their playing record over the season in Division 2 East was: 

                                                           P     W     D     Shots F     Shots Ag     SD     Points
                                                          14    11     0       1186         1000         186      137
                                                          Captain Martyn Hayward celebrates the winning at Wokingham.

2. Winning the Final
             The Kennet League is regionalised, East and West. The overall Division 2 Championship is decided by a final 
             play off  between the East and West divisional winners. As winners of the East section, W&E went on to face 
             Island Bohemian, the winners of the Division 2 West. 

             Played at Three Mile Cross on 15th August, W&E won the final by 87-52 to become ..............

........ 2015 CHAMPIONS        

Richard Heathman, Tom Baldwin, Chris Heitzmann, Martyn Hayward, George Hayman, Frank Doherty, Alastair Gibson, Ralph Cooke
Kel Crump, Tim Marshall, Tony Scott, Ron Lemon, Jim Fenlon, Rob Gordon, John Mockett, Bret Long

The winning team in the final    


            The KLX divisions are regionalised : East, West and Central. W&E won KLX Division 1 East. 
The overall  KLX Division 1 Championship is decided over two semi finals (East v West & Central v Best 
            Runner Up) and a final. 

          1. Winning the KLX Division 1 East
The KLX 'A' team finished top of  the KLX Division 1 East with Peter Blem as captain.

            The team had already won the league after winning the penultimate match against their nearest rivals, 
            Great Hollands 'A'. This gave W&E an unassailable eleven point lead going into the final match at home to 

            Their playing record was:        

                                                         P     W     D     Shots F     Shots Ag     SD     Points
                                                        14    10     0        779            635         144       92

                                             Bert Barker, John Mockett, Bret Long, Tom Baldwin, Tony Scott, David Hall, Rob Gordon
                                                                                                   Ron Lemon, Peter Blem, John Zander

                                                                            KLX 'A' squad members

                                                                             Peter Blem, KLX 'A' Captain

2.  Result of Semi Final 
            Having won KLX Division 1 East, the KLX 'A' went on to the semi final to face Thatcham 'A', the winners 
            of KLX Division 1 West
. Unfortunately Thatcham progressed to the final by winning 52-39.


           The KLX 'B' team, managed by Richard Scott,  competed in the KLX Division 3 East.

           They went into the last match of the season with the same number of points as Maidenhead Town 'C' but held 
           second place by virtue of shot difference. They won their last match by 6-4 points whilst Maidenhead lost 8-2. 
           Consequently the 'B' team is promoted and returns to Division 2 next season.

           Their playing record was:        

                                                         P     W     D     Shots F     Shots Ag     SD     Points
                                                        14    10     1        751            619         132       92

Richard Scott, KLX 'B' Captain