Windsor & Eton Bowling Club
                                         2010 Honours 


The 2010 trophies were presented to the winners at the annual dinner dance
which took place on Saturday, 27th November 2010
at Datchet Golf Club.

Mrs Joy Holmes, Ladies President, Royal County of Berkshire Bowling Association
    made the presentations.

                                                                   2010 Singles Champions                                                                    

Val Linton-Phare                 David Phare
     Ladies Champion               Mens Champion

                                   MEN                                                                                                       Click "view" below

                                  Championship Singles                          David Phare                                       view
Runner Up                                            Bert Barker                                        view

                                  Handicap Singles                                  Richard Heathman                             view
Runner Up                                            Tony Scott                                           view

                                  Championship Pairs                              Ralph Cooke/Richard Heathman      view
Runners Up                                           Tony Scott/Martyn Hayward             view

                                  Handicap Pairs                                     Barrie Taylor/Tom Baldwin               view
Runners Up                                          Stan Rawlings/Tony Scott                  view

                                  Two Wood                                            Richard Heathman                              view
Runner Up                                           Tony Scott                                            view

                                 Consolation Cup                                   Rob Gordon                                         view
Runner Up                                            John Zander                                     Not Present

                                 Bowler of the Year                               Tim Marshall                                       view



                                 Championship Singles                          Val Linton-Phare                                view
Runner Up                                            Barbara Street                                    view

                                 Handicap Singles                                  Val Linton-Phare                                view
Runner Up                                            Maureen Charters                              view

                                 Two Wood                                             Margaret Hallett                                view
Runner Up                                             Kath Roffe                                         view

                                 Ladies Pairs                                           Eve King/Val Linton-Phare              view
Runners Up                                           Pauline Hayward/Brenda Everard    view

                                 Consolation Cup                                   Brenda Everard                                  view
Runner Up                                            Elizabeth Hattersley                        Not Present

                                 Mixed Pairs                                          Chris Clark/John Mockett              Not Present
Runners up                                           Val Linton-Phare/Ralph Cooke         view

                                 Bowler of the Year                               Ann Baldwin                                        view

                                 OTHER EVENTS

                                 Tony Hathaway Memorial Cup           Angela Webb/Jean Lang
                                                                                                                      /Ralph Cooke               view

                                 Les Hillyer Memorial Trophy             Else Lyford/Bryan Pritchard
                                                                                                                   /Tom Baldwin                  view

                                 Peter Allies Trophy                              Bryan Pritchard                                  view

                                 Peter MacLean Memorial Prize          Ron Lemon                                         view   

                                 The Royal Shield                                  Maureen Charters
                                                                                                   (for the ladies)                           


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