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NEW July 2020

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Page updated 6th July 2020


After careful consideration and with reference to official guidance,

the Committee has decided to open the green for roll-ups from 7th July.

 Strict conditions apply (see below) and must be followed at all times.

Rinks must be pre-booked by following the link below.



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COVID-19 Roll-up Guidelines


  1. Please DO NOT visit the club if you have any symptoms, in particular a cough or high temperature.

  2. It is the responsibility of each member to decide whether they consider it is safe for them to do so in line with Government recommendations, especially if clinically vulnerable.

  3. A volunteer will be in attendance to monitor each session and will undertake sanitisation of the equipment before and after use.  If no volunteer is available the session will be cancelled. 

  4. Play can only take place after booking a rink on-line, all participants should be listed. Any member without computer access themselves should make contact with someone who can book on their behalf.  The rink should be booked in the name of the member wishing to play.  This information is required to be kept for 21 days to assist NHS test and trace contain clusters or outbreaks.    

  5. Initially bookings will be taken for the following times. 12-1.00, 1.30-2.30, 3.00-4.00, 4.30-5.30   7 days a week.  By making a booking you agree to abide by these guidelines and consent to your personal details being held.

  6. Play is restricted to up to 4 people on each rink with social distancing measures observed (a distance of 2m between people from different households, or 1m plus mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face-to-face contact) where 2m is not possible. Bowls England recommend 2m is maintained.)  There should be no handshake or personal contact before, during or after play.

  7. Alternate rinks will be prepared by the greenkeeper and only those rinks should be used.

  8. You can book a rink to play on alone, or singles/pairs.  As there is only limited availability please be mindful of other players and do not make block bookings.

  9. Please DO NOT visit the club without a booking, do not arrive more than ten minutes before your allotted time and please leave straight afterwards, members should not congregate to socialise after a roll-up.  Both car park areas will be available so members can maintain social distancing when arriving/leaving. There should not be more than 14 people within the grounds at any time (up to 4 on each rink and up to 2 volunteers). There can be no spectators or guest members of other clubs.  You should not travel in a small motor vehicle with someone from outside your household (for example you should not give a lift to any players from outside your household nor accept one).

  10. Please arrive ready dressed for play - grey trousers/shorts/skirts and white or club top. Shoes to be changed at the rink.

  11. There will be hand sanitisers available, but please bring any other personal hand gels/gloves etc. you may wish to use.  Please wash your hands as soon as you return home.

  12. The equipment shed, veranda, clubhouse and changing rooms are not to be used but access to the toilets will be available, please follow the signage showing the safe pathway. 

  13. Please try to avoid using the toilets but if you do, wipe door handles or anything you may touch and ensure you wash your hands thoroughly.  Only one person in toilet area at a time.

  14. The bar will remain closed and the kitchen should not be utilised to make refreshments.   

  15. There will be no pushers, measures or scoreboards used.

  16. No chairs/tables to be taken out from the clubhouse, so players should bring their own should they need to sit down.  Players should also dispose of any rubbish off site as no bin collections will be made.

  17. Only one player should handle the Jack and one the mat. It might be the easiest way to set the Jack on the T and adjust the length by moving the mat.  Players should not handle bowls belonging to another player.

  18. All of these restrictions may alter as Government advice permits and the committee reserve the right to take action if it is apparent that these safety guidelines are not being followed.


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