Page updated 19th May 2020



as of 17th May




Committee Announcement ~ 17th May 2020

following an 'virtual' meeting


The health and safety of club members is our top priority so after due consideration of Government guidelines and advice from Bowls England the committee have decided that the clubhouse and green will remain closed until further notice.   This situation will be reviewed as and when further information is forthcoming but we feel at present the risks to members is too great to resume any activities other than the green and ground maintenance.

Richard discussed the 2020 Tour and the committee endorsed cancelling for this year. Richard will e mail Tour members after he has had further discussions with Isle of Wight Tours.


The Committee



From the webmaster

As all activity is now suspended for the present, I will no longer update individual fixtures until it is know if/when play will commence.




A Message from Our President, Richard Heathman


Fellow Members,


I am sure some of you are disappointed that the green is not open for bowling.

The criteria include bowling by yourself, or with members of your household or with one person outside your household, as long as you maintain social distancing.


Further playing arrangements include off-site booking system for rink allocation; no one can just turn up and roll up. At least 20 minutes between allocated time slots, no visitors/spectators and club house closed with possible limited access for toilet facilities only.


These are some, not all, of the initial ‘tentative steps’ being allowed. This is definitely not the ‘social’ bowling we experience at Windsor & Eton B.C and are well known for. We are not aware of any of our members having suffered from this terrible virus, although the vast majority of us fall, through age, into the ‘vulnerable’ category.


The Committee’s decision reflects our concerns, the very real possibility of raising the infection rate at this delicate time and the ability to ensure these very strict guidance measures are adhered to. As more information becomes available and Government guidelines are reviewed, we will revisit this decision.


Stay safe and well and be assured your welfare is at the heart of all our decision making.



19th May



A personal message from the committee


As the Coronavirus takes hold over the coming weeks, some members may need help and support.

If you need to self isolate and need help with shopping, (left at the front door) please don’t struggle.

Let us know, as other club members will offer such help.




Tony Scott sent the following poem

(wot he wrote himself!)

Many more days to go
Stuck in isolation
Many more days to go
For those across the nation 
I've nothing left to read
Only one's I've read before
I've food enough to feed
Wiltshire Farms will send me more 
Life is such a bitch
Makes no matter if you're  rich
I'm ok more or less
Can't  be arsed to dress 
Maybe it won't last long
Although  I could be wrong 
We trust it will soon quit
Till then we grin and bear it
For now I say farewell 
Stay warm Stay safe Stay well




Janet Dawson has written new words for the Club Song

(to be sung to the tune of The Eton Boating Song)




Bowlers who bowl for Windsor

Are always very keen

Around about mid-April

To get out on the green

But this year Coronavirus

Is making us stay at home

And our bowls club cannot open

As we're not allowed to roam.


So let's look for some good things-

The spring clean we can duck -

And there's no catering rota -

Now there's a bit of luck!

One day we'll be back bowling

The message is clear 'til then

Stay home, Stay safe, and Stay well

Till we're on the green again!